eCFO Advisory Services to Optimize Operations and Meet the Challenges of Rapid Growth

How It Works


Financial consultancy by GBS in an electronic Chief Financial Officer service format that offers targeted research, growth management, accounting and financial controls, and transaction support.

eCFO Services Solutions

Using GBS professional training and expertise, your service include controllership and treasury duties, economic strategy and forecasting formulation, and financial modeling.

eCFO Role Definition

GBS can serve as your outsourced Chief Financial Officer, responsible for delivering accurate and timely historical financial information to all stakeholders, including shareholders, creditors, employees, and other members of the management team. The eCFO oversees the capital structure providing information about the best mix of debt, equity, and financing.

eCFO Advisory Components

GBS provide targeted research, growth management strategies, accounting and financial controls, and transaction support

eCFO Data Security

Be confident that you payroll information is secure. Your business security and data privacy is protected with advanced security systems that provide 24/7 monitoring.

Online Convenience

It’s fast and easy provide virtual collaborative meetings, scheduled via Citrix GoToMeeting, and to include GBS’s professional eCFO staff in your business management decision-making processes.


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Personalized financial guidance

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