Tax Compliance Reporting and Planning With No Surprises

How It Works

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The Accounting CS platform integrates with UltraTax and TaxPlanner to provide comprehensive tools and data for tax compliance reporting as well as business and individual tax planning.


Tailored Tax Solutions

With UltraTax and TaxPlanner, your service includes annual business and individual tax projections, and preparation of required business and individual tax forms.


As a business, you are required to comply with minimum compliance regulations regarding business and individual tax filings. With UltraTax and TaxPlanner, the professionals at GBS will plan and prepare all necessary and required tax forms.

Tax Processing

From your compiled financial accounting information, GBS professionals will prepare all business and individual tax returns each year. Pro forma projections will allow for tax planning in subsequent years.

Tax Data Security

Be confident that your customer information is secure. Your business security and data privacy is protected with advanced security systems that provide 24/7 monitoring.

Online Convenience

It’s fast and easy to submit your personal information on your secure, online portal at your convenience 24/7. Decision-makers can view all tax-related reports at any time.


Say goodbye to tax hassles and hello to timely, professionally-prepared business and individual tax returns by clicking here to get started today. Once you complete the form, one of our team members will contact you to discuss your needs and how we can best serve as your business and individual tax solution.

Personalized financial guidance

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